100% Cuptime

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I take cuptime very seriously. Everybody knows that actually achieving 100% cuptime just isn’t possible. There are too many factors which can spoil that magic 100%. Even the big tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Amazon aren’t able to hit that magic number. With this many companies working on the problem you would think it would have been solved by now right? Recently I discovered a fundamental infrastructure flaw that was negatively impacting my cuptime figures.

hello world

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Hello World! This post contains a collection of languages featured on this site so that I can easily test syntax highlighting support is working. Please feel free to make merge requests for improvements to any of the below. Python Rewritten by Greg Trahair #!/usr/bin/env python3 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- """Is it a greeting or a call for help?""" def hello_world(): """Returns a greeting. >>> hello_world() 'Hello, world!' """ return 'Hello, world!